Quantifiable figures


In a world where success is often valued by quantifiable figures. Unfortunately Joel’s job doesn’t really have quantifiable figures to show success. I mean you could argue that he could record the numbers of regular attenders or the amount of monetary donations but there are so many more important aspects to the job than these figures.

Even Sport Relief uses facts and figures to help us understand how many people they had helped, could support with our donation and even why they were fundraising. I was watching it on Friday and Olivia Colman told us that in the UK it is estimated that 1 million elderly people are chronically lonely and 1 in 4 feel they have no one to go to for support.teabreakpattern So here’s my quandary how do you put a value on listening to someone’s worries, having a cuppa with someone who isn’t able to leave their house or simply being able to signpost someone to help them receive appropriate support? (I should point out that its not just the elderly that Joel works with but its a good example and I was watching Sport Relief when typing this).

This can lead to some tough times in our household when he feels like he’s swimming against the tide. When he is not sure whether he has made the right decisions, given the right advice, or whether he has done enough to help someone. After all decisions Joel makes can have an impact on people’s lives and some days that’s just plain hard to deal with.

Its in those times when I of course want to encourage and empower my husband. But how do I do this without understanding what he is struggling with? After all it’s not my place to know what and when others confide in Joel at work but it does make it difficult to support him. I guess this is the part of the role that no one can teach and I shall have to make a few (million) mistakes before finding the right balance of being a supportive wife without over stepping the mark into medalling!

On the flip side there are the good times when I can bask in the happiness of my husband enjoying his job. This isn’t quantifiable either…..


One thought on “Quantifiable figures

  1. rwileecoyote

    Thanks for this blog, i think the church has always walked a difficult line in relation to quantifying the work that a church does. The work i do through d-church is great is it gives you stats as to how things a ticking along and what post do well… but they don’t tell you the deep stuff… its always the froth at the top!

    When we apply for grants for some of the work in the circuit, once again it’s difficult to gage as they ask for results to monitor the ‘success’ of the finances given… Also most churches measure success through attendance… but this is once again not a great way of seeing how things really are! For me it’s about depth and engagement, although this is still hard to judge.

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