Why So Serious?

I have been a bit poorly this week and so have not had a lot of inspiration until this morning when I watched this clip below by Rend Collective. Please click, watch and consider (bear with it, it’s 7 minutes)…….


Here are a few of the points that I wanted to highlight for you :

  1. Seriousness is not a fruit of the spirit but Joy is!
  2. Don’t confuse Joy with happiness. They are different things. Joy is a spiritual discipline but happiness is an emotion, fleeting in a moment.
  3. The Joy of the Lord is our strength.
  4. Don’t get caught up in guilt or failure. You are forgiven, You are free, You have a God who loves You more than you can imagine.

Let’s rediscover the art of celebration……Yes, that includes me!


One thought on “Why So Serious?

  1. Vicki – v wise words. Joy is not about being “happy” which is what so many people seek. We are told to Be content in all circumstances. Not always easy but worth remembering. Love your thoughts. Hope you feeling better.


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