OK so something has been weighing quiet heavy on my mind and I’m not quite sure how this post is going to end up because I’m not sure how to feel about it. Cancer has affected various loved ones throughout my life (sometimes more than once) but over the past year my church has been praying for an inspirational young man battling a rare form of cancer. So I guess I’ll start with the facts.

So a 23 year old friend (his name is Peter) of some friends has been battling against a rare form of cancer which affects about 50 people world wide, a year – cervical chordoma. He basically has a tumor growing within the cervical spine. The tumour has wrapped it’s self around and is invading the bone at c1-c2. Recently the battle has intensified. The NHS has exhausted their treatment options and he needs specialist treatment from America which doesn’t come cheap. Step up Peter’s friends and family who have started the most amazing fundraising effort. They are doing everything from sponsored waxing to organising a music festival. The community response has been incredible with members of the public going out of their way to support a family that they might not even know. So please read Pete’s story on the Crowdfunding page and consider it.

Cancer affects so many people and takes many different forms. It’s difficult not to become angry with the physical and emotional pain it causes. I have to hold my head in my hands disparagingly, and ask the question, how can something so evil exist? Well I don’t have an answer. But I do have faith that this vile beast hasn’t come from my God but rather something negative and destructive.

The beauty of the human race is our resilience and fighting spirit. How we stick two fingers up at negativity and find a positive! As Peter fights his fight, he inspires me to want to do more, to donate, to raise awareness of cancer, to somehow show support for his friends and family who must being going through hell yet are remaining positive.

Praise God for you, my awesome, inspirational community.

And praise God for HOPE.

hebrew 6 19
We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure…….

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