I love a bargain, me!

Ah here’s the thing I love buying things. I love the thrill of finding a bargain and the buzz from purchasing said item. I love to have a budget in mind, go shopping with the aim to get what I need and stay under budget. I find it can be quite addictive.  So, when I do find a bargain, it is a great feeling (that doesn’t last long) and likewise if I don’t “get a bargain” it can be disappointing (which also doesn’t last long).

I know that materialism is part of our society, it is world wide, all the adverts telling us we need to buy, buy, buy. I know, right? #firstworldproblems. I can’t remember where I got this fact from so can’t validate it but I once heard a talk that said the Coke Cola logo is the most recognised sign or symbol in the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true as the company spends a fortune on advertising.

At least, I say I love shopping, yet I have just spent such a fun morning with my kids and

Not everyone was happy about us being in the woods!

their friends without spending a pound. We went to a Really Wild event organised by an environmental charity, Groundwork. The kids got to walk through the woods, design and make clay “tree faces” and their own stick flags. Before we knew it two and a half hours had passed in which we got lots of fresh air, exercise and made stuff. Spending my time in this way, definitely doesn’t give me an adrenaline buzz like buying a bargain but rather a slow growing and deep rooted happiness. Now that’s a bargain.

Maybe its just taking me a while to understand the value in the invaluable …….