He’s Eating Dog Food

A few Sundays ago I watched my husband open a tin of dog food (Sunday’s are so busy he doesn’t  have time for breakfast) and eat it. The kids in Church erupted out of their seats, shrieking, yelling and of course making “EEEWWWWW” sounds. It was hilarious. He continued to eat it while asking us if we could remember the Church’s verse for the year. The kids could not believe it, and every time he took a mouthful they winced, yelled and desperately tried to make him aware of what he was eating….

But of course it wasn’t really dog food. It was chocolate rice pudding and he had changed the labels on the tins. This got me thinking. How often do we get the wrong end of the stick in a conversation and react immediately? I think I do this a lot more than I want to admit! Sometimes I give the correct response, sometime not and sometimes I’m so far from the truth that I end up just embarrassing myself!

We can so easily judge and make assumptions so it’s just as well God knows what’s in the tin. I’m going to try and see what’s there also!




Caught up in the job….

So here is a little story from our summer holidays. We were all walking up to the park one day. It was a lush family moment. The sun was shining, the kids were happy, running ahead of us, and me and Joel were walking hand in hand. I was thinking to myself “Isn’t this awesome”. When we were approaching a bench where two people sat. They seemed to know Joel and beckoned us over to say “Hello”. Anyways we got round to the question we knew they were waiting for which Joel asked “So, how are you?” Well, their story exploded at us come at us like a sprinter out of the blocks and then started meandering around not really knowing where it will end.

I think most people would expect me to respond with compassion and caring but to be honest I was angry. Can these people not see we are having family time? Can they not see that Joel has time off? Can they not understand that I would appreciate some conversations not happen in front of my children? Well, the answer to these questions apparently was NO.

If I was a dog I would have growled a low slow long growl showing my teeth. If I was a cat I would have fluffed my fur, arched my back and hissed. My mothering instincts kicked in and I needed to protect my children, to give them quality family time so I grabbed both of my kids by their hands and continued on our journey to the park leaving Joel behind to continue the conversation.

I am fully aware this makes me sound uncaring of those who need this attention but at the same time I do have a duty of care to my family. This is just my initial personal thought process. Of course, I understand that Joel’s role, working in the community means making sacrifices to edify, encourage and support those around us. I also accept that we have chosen this vocation so as a family will have to make sacrifices but like all Mummies I want to protect my kids.