Why Don’t You See? 

What do you do when someone basically insults the choices you have made for your children? Such as the school they go to? This is something I have faced recently due to the school my son attends having a bad reputation and basically being labelled as a bad school. Although as far as I can tell no one can pin point the exact problem they have with it. I hear vague comments such as ” Oh, I don’t want my children hanging around with those kinds of children.” Or “Yeah, but my children are bright”……. Yeah, thanks, you may not mean to but that’s my family your talking about. And by the way, my kids are clever too. As you can tell I find it really difficult not to be defensive.

I’m not saying the school doesn’t have its problems, you’d be hard pressed to find a school that is perfect but heres the thing, why can’t you see all the good and positivity I see and have found in our school? 

Why can’t you see the confident, happy children who are learning? (My son has never not wanted to go to school and has never cried at drop off),

Why can’t you see the large learning areas and outdoor playgrounds and fields, and the access to woodlands for forest schooling?

Why can’t you see the teachers and support staff going above and beyond to teach and challenge the children at their various different levels of ability?

Why can’t you see the dedicated parents and more so the PTA working constantly to provide for the children, fundraising, movie nights, organising book drives, carnival costumes, etc?

Why can’t you see the dedicated Govoners having endless meetings and training?

Why can’t you see the reading volunteers who go in to listen to the children read?

Why can’t you feel the uplifting community spirit?

Why can’t you see what I see? Surely, it can’t be because you have not been to visit and to see for yourself.

This is my child’s school, what’s yours like? Pretty similar?…… Yeah thought so.