Where did the time go?

Where did the time go? I am a bit lost. My little girl has started nursery. My baby girl is no longer a baby but a beautiful, intelligent, stubborn and a wonderfully adventurous little girl. This day seems a long time coming and yet, at the same time to have come out of no where. With my eldest I counted ever second, made sure to record lots of milestones but with my second child, I found just trying to get everyone fed and water enough to deal with. So I have to guiltily admit to not recording as many of those “precious” mile stones for my youngest as I did for her older sibling!

It seems such a blur, maybe it is the sleep deprivation talking, or just general tiredness of being a mum! Please don’t misunderstand this post for a sign that I’m broody. I’m not! I am just now finding the time to reflect on the jumble of the past three years. Yes that’s the best way to describe it! A jumble. I muddled and jumbled my way through the past three years, raising my bundles of pride and joy to the best of my insanely, sleep deprived ability. Maybe I’ll fumble and juggle my way through the next seventeen year!

So to you, my brave, bold and intelligent (not so little) adventurous children, go forth and explore your ever so expanding world, learn new things, challenge yourself and most importantly be happy. Mummy is very proud of you.