As useful as a chocolate tea pot

That’s how I feel some times, well actually, my head is tells me this a lot at the moment. 2018 is bringing change and that can be unsettling.

I am about to embark upon an adventure that’s is, well, to be, honest, something that is scaring crap out of me. I’m going back to work, a day and a half a week. Yes, after 6 years of being ‘just a Mummy’ I am re-entering the work force in a community role. So basically, not doing anything like I did before (that Environmental Management degree was well worth it Mum and Dad, Sorry). FYI, I loved my career before, I am passionate challenges facing our environment and still love an anti plastic cup rant.)

Anyways, yes, I will be working, part time, ah but, here’s the thing how do folks fit it in? You know in between the parenting? I keep thinking oh, I got this. Then like, immediately I panic thinking No, no, no, I really don’t! And then the “What if’s” start! I curse you “what if’s” you do my head in! I would like to banish you to a far away land…….if I knew how. Deep breaths, deep breaths!

Well, I guess, I’d best get the kettle on….. here’s to the next step.