The Joy and Hilarity of Penis Duck

Telling your child off, discipline, its a real bugbear of mine. You are either too lenient so your little bundle of joy takes liberties and just carries on with what ever misdemeanour they were undertaking or you are too strict and they don’t learn how to be their own person, just a little robot. (So, Ok, really, I know all children are on a learning journey I’m just exaggerating my point here). As a parent it’s quite frustrating.

So let me set the scene. It’s Christmas time, we are visiting the family and all the kids are playing upstairs. There’s noise, shouting, laughing, bumps and bangs coming from the room they are playing in. After a particularly loud bang, my husband decides just to pop his head in the door and check everything is alright. Upon doing so he was greeted by my son shouting at him “Get out of here you Penis Duck.” Of course, it was quite quickly explained to him that this is not appropriate and he took some time out to think about it what he had done before the day continued as normal but still why? How? Just what?!!!!

So, what a gem, that moment when your child does something totally hilarious (and yet completely inappropriate) that all you want to do is laugh in their face, but you can’t because that’s game over! You have lost control! You have to hold back that smile and belly laugh, you have to be stern. Man, alive its sooooo difficult! All you want to do is laugh. I’m sure that I have made my parents feel like this at times but really you will never know the sheer joy and hillarity of such an occasion until it happens to you.

Seriously, just, words are lost and laugher erupts when I think about it. I’m very thankful, it wasn’t me he shouted it at as I would not have been able to hold it together.

Kids, hey, they say the funniest things….Penis Duck……


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