So today we told boy about the dino’s. For those of you who don’t know every November we enjoy a bit of fun called Dinovember. Our toy dino’s get up to all sorts of mischief (throwing loo roll around the living room, squirting toothpaste around the bathroom sink, painting dinos footprints around the kitchen, etc) and occasionally constructive things (building lego dino jail’s or folding the washing). It’s an idea that we found on Facebook a few years ago but an American couple (Refe and Susa Tuma), who ended up writing a book What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night.

So anyway we have been having great fun over the part few years coming up with mischief for the Dino’s. However, as our children have grown up this seemingly innocently bit of fun has turned into a bit of a poison chalice. You see our son would go to school sooooo excited about what the dino’s had done and he just wanted to tell all his friends. His friends having never heard of our fun (and lets be honest, Why would they?)  don’t believe him, and have been telling him he’s wrong, that we are moving the dino’s (which of course we are but, hey don’t spoil the fun). Anyway, it just went a bit to far. So we made the decision and told him. It’s us.

He took it really well, he was surprised but not upset which was a relief. What he did really enjoy was to create his own scene, for his little sister. He could not wait to place the Dino’s in his very own, Dino’s mischief scenario. This was fun and wonderful to share this joy with him, but I feel like thats another piece of his childhood in past. It makes me a little sad. I honestly didn’t expect this to be a hard step, a growing up step but it is. A little piece of childhood magic has left our house but his responsibility to continue the magic for his sister has started.




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